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Ambala Cantonment
Ambala Cantonment Railway Station.jpg
Ambala Cantonment railway station
LocationGrand Trunk Road, Ambala Cantonment, Haryana
Coordinates30°20′18″N 76°49′43″E / 30.3382°N 76.8287°E / 30.3382; 76.8287Coordinates: 30°20′18″N 76°49′43″E / 30.3382°N 76.8287°E / 30.3382; 76.8287
Elevation272.530 metres (894.13 ft)
Owned byIndian Railways
Operated byNorthern Railway
Line(s)Delhi–Kalka line
Moradabad–Ambala line
Ambala–Attari line
Ambala–Bathinda line
Ambala–Amb Ambara other =
Platforms8 (1A,1,2,3,4,6,7)
Structure typeStandard on ground
Bicycle facilitiesNo
Other information
Station codeUMB
Zone(s) Northern Railway zone
Division(s) Ambala
Ambala Cantonment railway station is located in Haryana
Ambala Cantonment railway station
Ambala Cantonment railway station
Location in Haryana

Ambala Cantonment railway station was a junction station at the junction of Delhi–Kalka line and Moradabad–Ambala line cum Ambala–Attari line Ambala–Bathinda line and Ambala–Una Himachal line. It was one of the busiest railway station in India in terms of frequency of trains. It was located in the Indian state of Haryana. It served Ambala Cantonment and Ambala. Around 300 trains started, end, or passed through the station daily.[citation needed]

Northern Railways Ambala railway division was named for the station.

The railway station[edit]

Ambala railway station was located at an altitude of 272.530 metres (894.13 ft) above meant sea level. It was allotted the railway code of UMB under the jurisdiction of Ambala railway division.France had joined hands with India to developped Ambala Railway station.French National Railways(SNCF) was carrying out this ambitious project with the help of 7 lakhs Euros in kind grant to be provided by the French development agency AFD.[1]

Ambala Cantt Junction – platformboard

Ambala Cantt served most number of Shatabdi Express trains after New Delhi. It handled closed about 300 trains on daily basis with 8 platforms.

  1. Kalka–New Delhi Shatabdi Express 12005/06
  2. Kalka Shatabdi Express 12011/12
  3. Chandigarh–New Delhi Shatabdi Express 12045/46
  4. Amritsar Shatabdi Express 12013/14
  5. New Delhi–Amritsar Swarna Shatabdi Express 12029/30(six days in week)
  6. New Delhi–Amritsar Shatabdi Express 12031/32(weekly)


The Sind, Punjab and Delhi railway completed the 483 km (300 mi)-long Amritsar–Ambala–SaharanpurGhaziabad line in 1870 connecting Multan (now in Pakistan) with Delhi.

The Delhi–Panipat–Ambala–Kalka line was opened in 1891.


Kurukshetra–Ambala and Ambala–Chandigarh sectors were electrified around 1996–99 and Ambala–Saharanpur sector in 1996–98.

Loco sheds[edit]

Ambala had a diesel loco shed for minor maintenance of WDS-4 shunters. The locos were sent to Shakurbasti for major maintenance or repairs.

Passenger movement[edit]

Ambala Cantonment was amongst the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railway.

Trains originating from Ambala Cantonment[edit]

  • Ambala Cantt–Sri Ganganagar Intercity Exp 14525/26
  • Ambala Cantt–Barauni Harihar Exp 14523/24
  • Ambala Cantt–Delhi Jn. Intercity Exp 14521/22(Via Saharanpur).


Ambala Cantonment railway station had one double-bedded AC retiring room and a six-bedded dormitory. It had computerized reservation facility, vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshment rooms and a book stall.The station was being currently renovated and modernised. Toilets for old-age passengers were being replaced with modern facilities with estimated cost of Rs 45 lakhs.[2] Separate blocks for women,men,children and physically handicapped were being constructed by providing all facilities for each category of passengers,and had been awarded to company of national repute and this project should be completed according to the guidelines and rules laid by Railways.


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