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Firozpur railway division was one of the five railway divisions under Northern Railway zone ( NR ) of Indian Railways. This railway division was formed on 14 April 1952 and its headquarter was located at Firozpur in the state of Punjab, India.

Delhi railway division, Ambala railway division, Lucknow NR railway division and Moradabad railway division were the other railway divisions under NR Zone headquartered at New Delhi.[1][2]

List of railway stations and towns[edit]

The list included the stations under the Firozpur railway division and their station category.[3][4]

Category of station No. of stations Names of stations
A-1 3 Amritsar, Jammu Tawi, Ludhiana
A 8 Beas Junction, Pathankot Cantonment, Firozpur Cantonment, Jalandhar City, Jalandhar Cantonment, Pathankot Junction, Phagwara, Udhampur
B - -
suburban station
- -
D - -
E - -
halt station
- -
Total - -

Stations closed for Passengers -


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