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Manmad Junction
A Junction Railway
Manmad Junction.JPG
Manmad Junction signboard
LocationNandgaon Manmad Maharashtra 423104
Coordinates20°14′59″N 74°26′18″E / 20.2498°N 74.4384°E / 20.2498; 74.4384Coordinates: 20°14′59″N 74°26′18″E / 20.2498°N 74.4384°E / 20.2498; 74.4384
Elevation557.84 metres (1,830.2 ft)
Owned byIndian Railways
Operated byCentral Railway zone
Line(s)Bhusawal–Kalyan section of Howrah–Nagpur–Mumbai line, Howrah–Allahabad–Mumbai line
Manmad–Daund branch line
Manmad–Purna branch line
Structure typeStandard, on ground
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Station codeMMR
Zone(s) Central Railway zone
Division(s) Bhusawal
Opened1866; 155 years ago (1866)
Previous namesGreat Indian Peninsula Railway
Manmad railway station is located in Maharashtra
Manmad railway station
Manmad railway station
Location in Maharashtra

The Manmad Junction Railway Station[1] was a Central Railway junction in India, serving the town of Manmad in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. It was one of the Central Railways' major stations, connecting Nashik with many major cities in the region, including Mumbai and Pune. Around 51 trains travel between the Mumbai and Manmad railway stations every week.


The first 21 miles of the rail ran from Bombay towards Manmad Junction railway station all the way to Thane station. The inaugural train pulled into Thane station from Bombay on April 16, 1853. The celebrations declared this a public holiday with garrison band firing of salutes. On May 1, 1854, the Bombay to Thane line of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway was extended to the Kalyan railway station. The Bhusawal Junction railway station was open for traffic in the mid-1860s, followed by the track extension to Khandwa in 1866 and to Nagpur in 1867, resulting in the construction of Manmad Junction railway station in 1866.[2][3] In 1890, the Nizam's Guaranteed State Railway began service on the 391 miles (629 km) from the city of Hyderabad to Manmad Junction.[4]


The Central Railway Engineering Workshop was in Manmad. Girder bridges were fabricated in the structural yard, in addition to other manufacturing activities taking place in the general yard and workshop.[5] Manmad was a transport hub for various industries making it predominantly a railway town. The largest grain storage warehouse in Asia, administered by the Food Corporation of India was also in Manmad. It was home to offices of petroleum companies like Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, and Indian Oil.

Development of the station[edit]

The railways in the Niphad-Manmad–Nandgaon sector were electrified and the locomotives (diesel and electromotive diesel) were converted to use electricity between the period 1968 and 1969.[6] Manmad had an electric locomotive trip shed to supply and control the trains.[7] Free high-speed Wi-Fi had been enabled since 2017.[8] Manmad Junction Railway Station was among the top-100 most-booked stations within the Indian Railways system.[9]

The Central Railway had plans for double line between Daund and Manmad.[10]



Gandhinagar Airport was 87.8 km (54.6 mi) away from the station. The Chatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai was 263 km (163 mi) from Manmad Junction.


The station was about 2 km (1.2 mi) from Manmad Bus Standed and 57.5 km (35.7 mi) from Shirdi.

More than 50 trains a week connected Mumbai CST to Manmad, depending on the weather.[11]

Nearby landmarks[edit]

The distance to Ankai Fort was 7.8 km (4.8 mi) while to Tankai Fort was 10.6 km (6.6 mi) from the junction. These forts were popular among hikers. The ancient temple of Agastya Rishi was located on the outskirts of the city.


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The following trains stopped here:

  • Cstm Garibrath (02187) Stopped time 5 mins
  • Jbp Garibrath S (02188) Stopped time 5 mins
  • Hyb Aii Special (07020) Stopped time 20 mins